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If your business heavily depends on collaboration with others via e-mail, you do not need to be restricted anymore by having your emails at your office station only. We can equip your office with Microsoft Hosted Exchange services that will propagate and synchronize your emails with your smart phone, or even access your emails from any computer. Since this is a cloud service, your information is stored securely and is protected from viruses and spam.
If you are currently using specialized software, we will help you maintain your investment. We become a liaison between the software provider and your organization to help you meet their requirements and use their capabilities the best way possible. If you are looking for specific software, we are here to perform the necessary research and help you find the best choices and meet the vendor's hardware requirements to perform a smooth implementation helping you save time and money.
If you would like to access your information when you are away from your office, we can provide you with a private, secured access to your computer from any computer, tablet or Smartphone.  It will not matter if you are next door or across the world, you will still be able to access your information and keep control of your organization.
We offer Web Development services to expand your business and have presence on the Internet. We will help you register your domain name and acquire the necessary services that are required to build your own professional web page.
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