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At Business Software Services, we are professional engineers. We take the complexity of computer problems, and minimize them so that our clients can be more efficient and reduce their downtime.  We provide many of our clients preventive maintenance on their company servers to maintain their systems healthy.  We have remote access capabilities including mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone to help diagnose problems even before we arrive to the client's site. We will help you maintain your computer infrastructure to minimize downtime. We can train you and your personnel to expand your knowledge and increase your productivity and marketing potential. We have equipped some of our clients with backup servers that perform complete nightly backups of not only of their servers but also their stations. Normally, the information is saved in a centralized location, but when there is a complete station malfunction, we have the capability of performing a full station restore in a matter of minutes to put it back exactly the way it was just before the failure took place. We always have considered that a computer system can be replaced but the most valuable asset is the client's information, and needs to be preserved.  We are taking advantage of Cloud services to mirror client's information so that in the event of a major catastrophe the information will be preserved out of the building where it resides and be maintained secured. We currently support Microsoft based Servers and Stations. We have limited support for Apple systems. We fully support the Apple iPhone and the iPad.  
Simple solutions to complex problems
Maintenance Backup & Restore System